What we believe in


We make mindful decisions about every part of our business.

We worked hard to create a safe, sustainable and high-quality product. Our candles are made of soy wax, which is naturally biodegradable making it better for you, and for the environment. We pour candles into repurposable jars that you can reuse.


The Hills. SCC prides itself in its precision work in creating luxury. In developing our candles, we partnered with other manufacturers who share our beliefs for safety, sustainability and excellence.


Our candles have the extraordinary ability to set the atmosphere anywhere you choose to light them. Designed to increase mindfulness, enhance moods, and stimulate the senses to recall pleasant distant memories while creating distinctive ambiances for homes. The candle range emulates luxury with an ultra-modern aesthetic. We create captivating candles that transform not only your home, but your mood.