Sustaina-hillity project.

3 empty jars for 10% off! 

We know that we have a responsibility to protect our environment and to take a considered approach when creating our products. Our jars are reusable around your home but if you choose not to, you can return them to us.

Working towards responsible practices, 3 empty jars gets you 10% off your next order! 

When you've collected your three jars, and are ready to make your next purchase we'll pick them up as we deliver your next candle.

Terms and Conditions.
1. The jars need to be in good condition, no cracks.
2. For our black jars, don't worry about any scratches, we'll take those too.
3. You need to have collected all three jars at once.
4. Your candle jar doesn't have to be in its original packaging material.
5. Don't worry about the wax residue, we'll do the cleaning!
Get in touch with us through Call, e-mail or Instagram Direct Messaging and we'll give you your discount!