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The Christmas Votive Collection- Mini Candles.

The Christmas Votive Collection- Mini Candles.

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Celebrate the season of endless cheer with these three festive fragrances. This limited candle edition evokes the warm familiar scents of this holiday season.Set contains

  • Roast Almond Inviting in the warmth of roasted almonds wrapped in crushed vanilla, dark coffee and delicate spices. 

  • Pine & White Rose Let in the scent of Christmas with the aroma of fresh pine cones balanced with a floral accord of red apple and white rose. 
  • Amber & NutmegSpice up your home with warm cinnamon, sliced ginger and wrapped in amber, vanilla bean and tobacco.

Burn time: 15 hours (per candle)

Net Weight: 530 grams (170 gram per candle)

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